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This is now the BEST way to create a convincing smoking effect on stage and screen without the use of real cigarettes.  These are essentially mini smoke machines that look exactly like cigarettes. They look absolutely terrific and do not have the problems associated with real burning cigarettes. Can be used easily and comfortably by non-smokers.

They have three parts, The replaceable mouthpiece cartridge, the atomizer which creates the vapor and the electronics/battery tip with glowing LED feature.

Everything you need to create the illusion of smoking, without the smell and second hand smoke danger. The vapor is very smooth, and does not have the same effect as burning tobacco does, but creates a very realistic visual effect. We have customized each unit to make the unit look more realistic than the typical off-the-shelf electronic cigarettes as well.

We have tested many products and have worked with the manufacturer to bring you this model which we feel is the best and safest for entertainment industry work. It is reliable, safe and most of all, we have great prices on them!


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A Special Effect Prop for Screen or Stage